Smith Obtains Summary Judgment

Leland Smith was able to obtain summary judgment in the Circuit Court of Stone County, Mississippi in the case styled, James Turner v. 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Omni Insurance Company, Elvin L. Johnson, and John Doe, Jointly and Severally.

The case arose out of a motor vehicle accident.  The Complaint alleged that a vehicle driven by John Doe came into contact with Johnson’s vehicle as Johnson rounded a curve, forcing Johnson’s vehicle off the road and into a tree.  Plaintiff, James Turner, was a passenger in the vehicle driven by Johnson.  Leland Smith was able to have the Plaintiff admit, during deposition, that Johnson was not at fault for the accident.  Thus, Plaintiff, James Turner, failed to prove any negligence on the part of Defendant, Elvin Johnson.