Firm History

Wilkins Patterson launched as a new law firm specializing in litigation on January 1, 2013. Although a new firm, the partners had practiced together in Jackson, Mississippi for decades. The new firm was formed to strengthen their commitment to longstanding clients and to offer this renewed commitment to new clients throughout the state of Mississippi.

Partners Bill Patterson, Diane Pradat Pumphrey, and Joseph T. Wilkins, III

Joseph T. Wilkins, III, is recognized as a leader in Mississippi in the areas of insurance defense and workers compensation, two areas of the law in which he has specialized since the 1970’s. He co-founded the law firm of McCoy Wilkins which focused on these practice areas. Mr. Wilkins was joined by Leland Smith, deceased, and Bill Patterson in 1985. Mr. Patterson received his law degree from Emory University in 1980. They worked together representing insurance companies and corporations from around the country which were faced with litigation in Mississippi since the 1980’s.

Diane Pradat Pumphrey has been licensed since 1988 and joined her partners in 1991 following a career as a registered nurse. Ms. Pradat Pumphrey’s background has strengthened the firm’s representation of health care providers in medical malpractice litigation and is a valuable resource in any case involving complex medical issues.

Wilkins Patterson Attorneys

Bobby Stephenson has been licensed since 1997, and joined his partners’ practice in 2004 after practicing with other defense firms in Mississippi. Bobby has been a staple at the firm and offers a wealth of knowledge in representing clients in general liability, insurance policy coverage opinions, appellate practice, and motor vehicle defense.

Casey Younger was licensed and officially joined the firm in 2012 after having started his legal career as a law clerk that worked closely under the partners. Since joining the firm, Casey has established himself as an invaluable source of knowledge for client’s in worker’s compensation defense, employment law, general liability, and premises liability.

Nicholas Garrard was licensed in 2007 and joined the firm in 2014 after having clerked for the Eleventh Circuit Court District in Cleveland, Mississippi. Since joining the firm, Nicholas has provided valuable resources to clients in many areas such as rental purchase law, worker’s compensation defense, creditor’s rights, and bankruptcy.

Amy Felder Ketchings has been licensed since 1997 and joined the firm in 2015 after having practiced in the Jackson metro area for multiple years. Amy brought a wealth of expertise in the practice areas of employment law, worker’s compensation defense, and in appellate practice to the firm.

Matt Anthony is the most recent addition to the firm. Matt has been licensed since 2017 and joined the firm in 2021. Matt previously worked for multiple other defense firms in the Jackson metro area. Since joining the firm, Matt has quickly established himself as a great resource for client’s in the practice areas of general liability defense and worker’s compensation defense.

Effective June 1, 2018 the firm name was changed to Wilkins Patterson Smith Pumphrey & Stephenson, P.A.

Wilkins Patterson’s practice includes the defense of healthcare providers, insurance claims, premises liability, workers’ compensation and automobile and trucking liability claims.