Doty and Garrard obtain dismissal of Workers’ Compensation claim

Attorneys at Wilkins Patterson recently obtained dismissal of a Workers’ Compensation claim by a former employee of Wal-Mart who claimed he injured his back while working. 

Wilkins Patterson shareholder Sandy Doty filed a motion to dismiss the employee’s claim based on his failure to timely notify the employer of his injury, and the expiration of the statute of limitations.  Nick Garrard attended the hearing on behalf of the employer.  The Administrative Judge found that no compensation was paid to the Claimant and that the employer was not notified of the injury until the filing of the Petition to Controvert, which was more than two years after the injury.

Attorneys Doty and Garrard were able to efficiently handle the claim for Wal-Mart and obtain a dismissal within four months of first receiving notice of the claimant’s alleged injury.