Leland Smith Wins Workers Compensation Death Case

Leland Smith obtained a favorable decision in a workers’ compensation case alleging that a deceased worker’s heart attack was compensable under the terms of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Act.  The Petition to Controvert alleged that because the claimant was operating a truck for his employer when he struck an embankment and guardrail, and suffered multiple injuries resulting in his death, the injury was compensable.  Because no medical testimony was provided at the hearing and there was no medical evidence to substantiate the claimant’s argument that the claimant died as a result of any injuries suffered in the motor vehicle accident, the claim was denied.  Melissa Langley, wife; and Dakota Langley, Colton Langley and Harley Langley, children of Joe (Joey) Langley, Deceased vs. Waddle Trucking, LLC and Dallas National Trucking Company.  MWCC No. 110006-M-1374