Medical Malpractice Defense

Wilkins Patterson has a proven track record in medical malpractice defense litigation. Our attorneys represent health care providers, doctors, nurses, hospice, home health agencies, nursing homes (see Long-Term Care Defense) and hospitals, as well as hospital and nursing home administrators.

We recognize the risks associated with this type of litigation and what is at stake for our clients in medical malpractice lawsuits. We view these claims as presenting an assault on our client’s reputation. For over 30 years, it has been our strong conviction that to properly defend these cases, we must gain a thorough understanding of the medicine involved. To accomplish that, we know that these cases demand a commitment of resources specifically designed for medical malpractice cases. Our firm has made the investment in these resources, and we have implemented the infrastructure required to handle even the most complex cases.

This commitment has resulted in the unparalled results our firm has achieved in defending medical malpractice claims.

Significant Wins: