Alternative Dispute Resolution

Wilkins Patterson is aware that the current times call for innovative solutions. While our firm specializes in litigation, we also recognize the need of insurers and employers to examine all options regarding cost containment. When appropriate, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides a variety of options to allow for the resolution of a case without the need for litigation. ADR allows parties to have greater control over the outcome of a matter while avoiding the cost of lengthy litigation. ADR generally involves negotiation, typically through the process of mediation or arbitration. Several state and federal courts in Mississippi have recognized the value of ADR, and have implemented rules requiring that parties engage in meaningful dispute resolution prior to allowing a case to proceed to trial.

Wilkins Patterson has specially trained and industry-aware attorneys who can assist parties in analyzing and evaluating each legal issue and provide a reasonable and objective evaluation as to the value of the case. Our attorneys have helped disputing parties resolve conflicts in a wide array of cases involving workers’ compensation, construction matters, personal injury and property damage issues, tort cases, and product liability claims.